White Tea vs Black Tea

White Tea vs Black Tea

Daniel HershmanMay 31, 2022

There are multiple differences when looking at white tea vs black tea. However, before we go into explaining these differences, let’s talk about how they are similar. Both are made from the same variety of Camellia Sinensis. In addition, they were both produced in the Fujian province of China.

Now, we’ll explain the differences.

The Harvesting Process Of White Tea vs. Black Tea

Here we have two examples: Our Gingerly Peach White Tea and our Passion Fruit Black Tea.


White Tea vs Black Tea

Right off the bat, you can see that the difference is pretty big. You can see that white tea lacks fermentation. These white tea leaves are just leaves picked in the spring. They stay green. It’s just the bud and the two leaves underneath that are picked.

White tea vs black tea benefits

When the white tea leaf is allowed to ferment and decompose, it turns into black tea. Farmers wait until full maturity until they harvest the black tea. Oftentimes, black tea is harvested in colder climates with higher elevations. Similar to white teas, it’s just the bud and two leaves that are picked

White Tea vs Black Tea Taste & Caffeine Levels

There is also a substantial difference in white tea vs black tea taste and caffeine levels. As a general rule, the more tea is allowed to decompose, the higher the caffeine levels are. Since white tea is picked early on, it only has 10 mg of caffeine and is very delicate and sweet and lighter in flavor. Black teas have 60 mg of caffeine and are more full-bodied and full of flavor. They tend to be stronger and can be more astringent.

Benefits of White Tea vs Black Tea

Both teas offer amazing health benefits - but there is a difference when comparing white tea vs black tea benefits. Black teas have great heart-healthy factors to them. They clean out plaque in your arteries and act as more of a brain stimulant. There are also multiple benefits of white teas. White teas have more antioxidants than black teas and white teas offer more amino acids which can produce more of a calming sensation.

The Ultimate Question: Is White Tea Better Than Black Tea?

One of the most popular questions is: Is White Tea Better Than Black Tea? The answer is, it depends on what you’re looking for. White teas are safe to drink at night as previously mentioned, they have a calming effect and lower caffeine. Black teas are better for productivity and energy as they have higher caffeine levels and increased brain stimulants and are excellent for early morning or as mid-afternoon pick up if you’re not too sensitive to caffeine. If you still aren’t sure which tea is right for you, check out our blog: Best Tea For Beginners.

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