Organic White Teas

The Benefits of White Tea

Paula HershmanFebruary 14, 2022

There are so many organic white tea benefits. At Storehouse Tea, we have five different selections of white teas including Gingerly Peach Organic White Tea, Organic Blueberry Hibiscus White Tea, Organic Fujian Spring White Tea, Organic Pomegranate White Tea, Red Raspberry Organic White Tea, and Rose Medley Organic White and Green Tea.

Today, we are going to feature two of our popular, healthy, and delicious white teas while discussing the health benefits of white tea.

The Rose Medley, Organic White and Green Tea

The Rose Medley Green and White Tea is a unique combination of organic and fair trade green and white tea, and roses. It’s very beautiful with a subtle floral aroma and flavor. 

Rose Medley Organic White & Green Tea

Gingerly Peach Organic White Tea

The Gingerly Peach Organic White Tea is also a complex and balanced mixture of Ginger, Peach, Calendula, and the White Tea.

Gingerly Peach Organic White Tea

How White Teas are Created: From Bud to Blend

White teas are picked in the spring. It looks like a tiny silver, downy, white bud with two leaves under it, and this is what is picked in the spring. These silver little buds are what give it the name, “White” tea. The bud is not allowed to ferment. They are carefully hand-picked before the leaves are able to fully open and then dried so they do not oxidize. 

Benefits of White Teas

The Health Benefits of Drinking White Tea

If you’re searching for a tea that is healthy but not high in caffeine, then white teas are perfect for you. Because they are the least processed of teas they contain only 10 mg of caffeine and this beautiful and delicate tea has the highest antioxidants out of all the tea categories. In addition, white teas have antibacterial properties which help to clean and repair your throat and the bacteria in your mouth. It is great in the winter as hot tea to keep you warm and cozy and also a delicious and refreshing iced tea in the summer.

Shop our Organic White Teas and take advantage of our Organic White Tea benefits.