Puerh Tea Benefits

Puerh Tea Benefits

ShopifyJanuary 18, 2022

There are numerous benefits to drinking tea. Here, we are going to focus on Pu-erh tea health benefits, and explain why this drink is a winter-time must-have.

NOTE: Pu-erh has been recategorized as a BLACK tea and has been moved from our green tea category. 

The Origin of Pu-erh

Pu-erh, also written as Puerh, is a dark green tea that originated in China’s Yunnan province during the Han Dynasty. Through traders and travel, this tea spread across the country. As it spread to different provinces, people learned quickly that it had many health benefits. Its affordability made it a great trading tool and household amenity.

How Pu-erh Tea is Made

Puerh is processed from the fresh leaves of a superior “large leaf” variety of Camellia Sinensis and it experiences a unique natural post-fermentation process. When steeped, this tea exhibits a dark reddish infusion with a strong earthy scent with an aged essence and sweet undertones. It has a special ripened aroma and a sweet mellow aftertaste that improves with age. Pu-erh tea is like fine wine. It is one of the only teas that you want to be aged as it becomes better and more valuable with age. In fact, Pu-erh tea from prized trees can be sold for thousands of dollars! At Storehouse Tea, our Puerh tea is 7 years old.

Pu-erh Tea Benefits & Effects

Pu-erh tea became popular because of its many health benefits. Puerh is a fermented tea that aids in digestion and is loaded with polyphenols, it cleanses toxins and free radicals. In addition, Pu-erh tea health benefits include improving heart health because it contains statins that lower cholesterol. Puerh also contains a very diverse makeup of bacteria to support gut health. Puerh protects the nervous system, and it is beneficial for brain health. Thanks to the caffeine in Pu-erh tea, drinking a cup a day can help to increase your energy levels and focus as well as aid in weight loss. The best time to drink a cup of Pu-erh tea for weight loss goals is one hour after a meal so that the Pu-erh tea can remove excess grease and help your body eliminate unwanted hard-to-digest fats.

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