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Not All Tea Sachets are Created Equal: Exploring Microplastics in Tea Bags & Sachets

Daniel HershmanMarch 20, 2023

Loose leaf teas have become more and more popular as people seek to avoid microplastics and trend towards more environmentally friendly alternatives. We are here to uncover the mystery around microplastics in tea bags as well as answer your questions about biodegradable tea bags. 

Are Tea Bags Biodegradable

Are all tea bags biodegradable? The answer is “no”. Not all tea bags are biodegradable as not all come from the same company with the same commitment to sustainability or ethics. 

The contents of tea bags - meaning the tea are typically biodegradable, but some tea bags such as plastic bags, are not as eco-friendly. This leads us to the second question: What are Tea Bags Made of? 

What are Tea Bags & Tea Sachets Made From? 

Tea bags and sachets come in all shapes, materials, and sizes. The first tea bags were made from gauze! Today, tea bags are made from paper, plastic, or nylon. This is partly because these types of materials can withstand hot water while also showing you the tea inside. 

“Pillow Style” tea bags (left) are tea bags made of paper and woven plastics. String tea bags (middle) are the most common type of tea bag. These are made of polypropylene fibers and can also contain plastic or plastic foil. Finally, “silken” sachets (right) are also made of plastic (typically) but have more recently been made out of other materials such as corn or other plant-based materials. 

are tea bags biodegradable

Because of plastics, these tea bags are often not biodegradable so they are left in landfills which can result in waterway and ocean pollution - which in turn breaks into microplastics. 

Avoiding Microplastics in Tea Bags & Sachets

Avoiding microplastics in tea bags and sachets in the world of tea can be difficult. According to BeyondPlastics.org, “There could be as many as 11 million microplastic particles in every cup of tea you drink”. This is, of course, because of the plastics in tea bags. These 11 million microplastic particles may end up in your tea and as a result, cause health issues starting with inflammation, gut problems, and breathing issues.

The Difference with Storehouse Tea’s Biodegradable Mesh Filter

Storehouse Tea’s sachets are made from woven mesh derived from Non GMO plant-based Soilon meshof natural origin. Our Soilon filters can be degraded completely by microorganisms in soil through hydrolysis so it is environmentally and human friendly. Also, our Soilon mesh sachets don’t affect the wonderful taste of our teas!

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