Explore our new line of loose leaf tea pouches. Each bag contains 4 ready-to-go tea pouches of delicious tea which can be easily placed into a pitcher and served. Each pouch makes 2 quarts (8 quarts per bag) of savory tea. Our tea pouch collection is made to be convenient and easy. Simply dunk, relax, and pour. 

While our tea sachets are designed for single servings and for on-the-go, these Organic loose leaf tea pouches are designed for bulk steeping and can be brewed hot or iced! Browse our collection and order yours today (simply click the drop down and toggle until you see Iced Tea Pouches).


How to Brew Our Loose Leaf Tea Pouches

From Fourth of July to Labor Day and every sunny day in between, there are numerous opportunities for you to enjoy a glass of ice cold tea with your loved ones. Here are our tea brewing instructions: 

Cold Brew Instructions (Recommended) 

  1. Add one pre-made Storehouse Tea Iced Tea Pouch to a 2-quart pitcher.
    • If you are using our Natural Fiber Disposable Tea Filter or our Mist Iced Tea Jug:  
      • 7 teaspoons (check the side of the tea box for specific spoon size) to a Mist Iced tea jug.
      • 7 teaspoons (check the side of the tea box for specific spoon size) to a Large Natural Fiber Disposable Tea Filter.
  1. Gently fill the pitcher / Ice Tea Jug with cold water (filtered if possible) and cover the pitcher.
  2. Place the pitcher in your refrigerator and wait until it reaches the desired strength. Usually this takes 6 -8 hours but it can be left in the refrigerator and enjoyed right from the refrigerator or over iced cubes in your glass. When cold brewing you can leave the iced tea pouch in or take it out. Cold brewing prevents you from over steeping.

Quick Hot Brewed Instructions

  1. Follow same instructions as #1 above. Gently pour 3 cups (24 oz.) of hot water (follow directions on the label of the Storehouse tea you purchased) - a boil for black teas and under a boil for white and green teas.
  2. Let it steep in the pitcher with hot water. Cover and steep for about 2- 6 minutes, more for black tea and less for green/white tea. Make sure to follow directions on the label of the Storehouse tea you purchased.
  3. Let it cool for 5 minutes then add 2-3 cups of a combination of room temperature water and ice cubes and then pour over iced cubes.

Enjoy your delicious and refreshing Storehouse Iced tea.