Mint Revival Yaupon


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USDA Organic

Are you looking for a burst of energy or a mental boost to get your day started or to keep you going throughout the day? Our Mint Revival Yaupon tea is perfect for you! It offers a cool, crisp, smooth taste with just over 25 mg of caffeine per serving. This tea is also great for making a Mint Mojito and relaxing on a Taco Tuesday or the weekend (view recipe). Order Organic Mint loose leaf Yaupon tea today! 

This blend is now available in our Iced Tea Pouches (4 Pouches Per Bag). Click the Size drop-down to choose Iced Tea Pouches.

Size Information:

Sampler: 2 oz
Standard: 4.3 oz 
Large: 0.39 oz
Iced Tea Pouches2 Quarts per pouch/8 Quarts per bag

Tea Information: 

Caffeine Content: 25mg

Ingredients: Regenerative Organic Certified Yaupon leaves from Texas, and organic peppermint.

Brewing Instructions1 heaping teaspoon of tea per 8 ounces of boiling water
Infusion: Ready in 5 minutes