We Partnered with Back to Jerusalem!

Back to Jerusalem (BTJ) is currently focused on the education for the children of persecuted Pastors in the Chinese Underground Church. Many families are being hit with huge fines they cannot possibly pay, the sale of homes are being blocked, travel has been restricted, jobs are being revoked, and many are being arrested for their religious beliefs. To help, BTJ launched the Martyrs Scholarship Fund to help these children.

BTJ Scholarship Fund

How You Can Help! 

When you purchase our special Back to Jerusalem (BTJ) Teas, $6.00 per box of tea will go towards helping the BTJ mission. With a purchase of 3 or more boxes, we will also add a free BTJ devotional. If that’s not enough, we also offer a BTJ Tea Subscription Program. Now, you can get your favorite teas delivered each month without having to worry about re-ordering! When you purchase a subscription, your money will support the BTJ Scholarship Program. 

About BTJ

Back to Jerusalem (BTJ)  is a vision created by Chinese Christians in the 1920s, and is dedicated to evangelizing the unreached people groups from the eastern provinces of China towards Jerusalem (also known as the 10/40 window). BTJ is assisting the churches in China to not only financially help the religiously persecuted, but to also train and equip Chinese leaders to share the gospel with the 10/40 window.