Meet Olya Copan

Daniel HershmanMarch 10, 2022

Introducing Olya

Today, we’re featuring one of Storehouse Tea's Sr. Blenders, Olya Copan in our video “Meet the Blender”. Olya came to the United States over 20+ years ago as a refugee because of religious persecution in Russia and loves her adopted home in the US.

She came to the Cleveland area after meeting Dan Copan where she had her first job cleaning rooms in a religious-based resort in Connecticut. Dan was from Cleveland, and they now have a beautiful 7-year-old daughter and happily reside in the westside of Cleveland.

In this video, Olya will explain her roots in tea and love for high quality, Organic loose leaf tea. She also explains why she loves working at Storehouse Tea! We also love Olya and her knowledge of all things natural and Organic, the joy and professionalism she brings and her enthusiasm for Storehouse Tea! Olya is currently studying to become a Nutritional Health Coach, and we support her zeal for helping people live a healthier life! 

From Russia to Storehouse Tea

“Hello, I’m Olya. I’m a blender at Storehouse Tea Company. I come from Russia originally. In Russia, people drink a lot of tea. My father was of Turkish descent. Tea [good, quality loose-leaf tea] was a MUST! Of course, when I came here, I couldn’t find good quality, loose-leaf tea… it was a struggle. But then, I met Paula, she was blending it herself and I was very impressed by how delicious and fresh it is.

The leaves, when you look at the tea, it’s such good quality. I’m so excited about it!"

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