Best Relaxing Teas

Best Organic Relaxing Teas

Daniel HershmanApril 16, 2022

Sipping on a hot cup of tea is inherently calming. It can help you feel at ease. Benefits of relaxing teas include mind relaxation without initiating drowsiness, decreased anxiety, and improved mental health.

Organic Teas are the Best Teas for Relaxation

The healthiest and most relaxing teas are organic teas. Drinking high-quality Organic teas can help you achieve the ultimate relaxation because organic teas contain the highest levels of L-theanine.

Benefits of L-theanine Found in Tea

L-theanine is an amino acid found primarily in white, green, and black teas. It has aided in easing anxiety, and stress, as well as aided in the reduction of insomnia by improving your body’s ability to sleep.

How L-theanine & Tea Can Help You

Researchers found that L-theanine is also known for enhancing your body’s immune system, especially when combined with catechins or antioxidants found in tea. It can aid in decreasing upper respiratory tract infections, preventing flu, and reducing flu symptoms. L-theanine has also been shown to aid in fighting and preventing cancer and reducing tumors, help with blood pressure management and its relaxation and sleep aid may be helpful for boys with ADHD to get better sleep.

Best Teas for Relaxing

While organic tea can provide a sense of calm, some teas are better than others. With so teas and tea categories to explore, here is our list filled with the Top 6 Most Relaxing Teas:

  1. Botanical Blends (Caffeine Free) for relaxation, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, vitamins, minerals, heart/circulatory
  2. Rooibos (Caffeine Free) teas for relaxation, antioxidants, allergies/head colds, hydration/skin, digestive
  3. White & Green Teas (low Caffeine) for high antioxidants, relaxation, low caffeine and slimming
  4. Oolongs teas (Low-Moderate Caffeine) for slimming, heart healthy, lowering of blood sugar
  5. Black Tea (Moderate Caffeine) for heart health, cholesterol lowering, improving your circulatory system, alertness/focus
  6. Yerba Mate/Guayusa (High Caffeine) for high antioxidants, brain stimulation and energy

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