How Storehouse Tea Creates a New Tea Blend

How Does Storehouse Tea Create New Tea Blends?

Daniel HershmanMay 01, 2022

Since 2006, Storehouse Tea has been committed to providing and sourcing clean, fresh, high-quality organic loose-leaf teas that were not only flavorful but also accessible to the American palate.

For over 15 years, we have been sourcing, small-batch hand-blending, and distributing some of the finest Organic, Fair-Trade loose leaf teas available anywhere. One of the common questions asked is, “How do we create new tea blends?”. In this blog, we’ll explain the process.

Our Process for Creating New Tea Blends

Step 1: Look for Opportunities Beyond Our Existing Lines of Tea

When we put together a new tea blend, we first start by looking at our collection. We ask ourselves: What is lacking? What do we need? What are our customers asking for?

Step 2: Assess What Ingredients We Already Have

Then, we look at what are the ingredients that we already have and is it an ingredient that is easy to source. When we source our ingredients, we work with 10-15 suppliers, prioritizing and only working with those that are organic and as much of fair trade as possible.

Step 3: Develop Variations & Taste Test

We definitely have a staff here that loves tea. Once we put our first blend together, we all try it out. We might go through 8-9 variations before we create the perfect blend.

How Does Storehouse Tea Create a New Tea Blend

Step 4: Bring to Market

Once we’ve created the perfect blend, we bring it to market. Each time that we come up with something new, it’s different and it's exciting. We love the entire process of developing new blends because it’s creative and delicious.

The tea flavors that come to market are really the best because they’ve not only been sourced by high-quality and ethical suppliers but also because they’ve undergone taste testing, modifications, and refinement.

Creating New Tea Blends