Fresh Tea Leaves and Ingredients

The Importance of Fresh Tea Ingredients at Storehouse Tea

Daniel HershmanMay 06, 2022

Freshness defines our teas at Storehouse Tea. Fresh tea not only tastes the best but offers the most health benefits!

When you shop at your local grocery store and pick up a mainstream box of tea, you really don’t know how old this box of tea is. One of the main characteristics that makes Storehouse Tea Company different from its competitors and other big-label tea companies, is our dedication to fresh tea.

Fresh Tea: From Farm to Table

Through our relationships with organic and fair trade tea farms, we are able to get fresh tea leaves and ingredients shortly after they are picked. We produce our teas right away and then mark each blend with a two-year date.

Because our teas are fresh and organic, you get lots of delicious flavors as well as the health benefits like an immune system boost, elevated mood, and wellness. As an added bonus, you also get a great second and sometimes third steeping of our teas which provides an added value.

What to Know About Storing Fresh Tea Leaves

Do Teas Expire? Do Tea Bags Expire?

Two of the main questions people have about tea are: “do teas expire?” “do tea bags expire?”. The answer is YES. Teas, as well as tea sachets (or tea bags), have an expiration date. As a rule of thumb, tea should be consumed within 2 years of being picked. Stocking up on tea is great if you’re an avid tea drinker. However, if you are a casual drinker or new to tea, we recommend gifting teas or sharing with friends when you buy in bulk.

    How to Store Your Fresh Tea Leaves & Ingredients

    We strive to do our part in bringing you high-quality, fresh tea leaves. We safely store our fresh tea ingredients in airtight, dark containers so they are fresh and ready for you.

    When people bring their teas home or open their packages, they may naturally throw their teas in another jar for aesthetic purposes, or even store their teas near their spices or coffee grounds.

    When you buy tea sachets or leaves, we recommend keeping them in their packaging and away from your coffee or other strong odors. Teas should be stored in air-tight, dry, and opaque containers so they do not lose their delicious taste and so you can get the maximum lifespan out of your fresh tea leaves.

    Shop Small & Fair Trade for Fresh Tea Leaves

    For delicious, fresh, health-filled teas, we recommend sourcing from fair trade, organic, small-batch, or local tea blenders. This way, you can get more information as to when the leaves were picked and from what countries they are coming from.