Cool Daddy: Father's Day Iced Tea Collection

Get 10% off your Favorite Storehouse Iced Teas, Cold Brew Pitchers/Bags, and Cool Tees for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is just around the corner and there’s no better way to show your appreciation and love than with the best iced teas on the market! Your dad, husband, or even brother deserve to sit back and relax in their comfortable Storehouse Tea t-shirt with a refreshing, iced cold tea in their hands.

Storehouse Tea is offering a sale on our most popular iced tea selections (Passion Fruit Black, Zesty Ginger Lime etc.), cold brew glass pitchers, natural fiber fill your own tea filters, and our good looking, sturdy and breathable Storehouse Tea T-Shirts & Hoodies in colors he’ll love…all at a 10% discount!

Use code FATHER10 to receive 10% off | Offer Valid June 3rd - 19th

Get Your Favorite:

  • Iced Teas
  • Cold Brew Glass Pitchers and Fill Your Own Tea Filters
  • Tea Shirts and Hoodies

Let Him Decide!

Not sure what to get? You can also purchase a Storehouse Tea Gift Certificate or an already discounted 6 or 12-month Iced Tea of the Month Club. For all he does, he deserves the very best from Storehouse Tea’s Father’s Day collection.

How to Brew the Best Loose Leaf Iced Tea

There are many ways to brew iced tea, but this is our method for brewing the best loose leaf iced tea.

  • Start with a glass cold brew tea pitcher, tea filter natural paper bags, or a pitcher/container you have at home. Each of our loose leaf cold brew tea boxes or bags has directions listed for the ratio of water to tea.
  • Place your loose leaf cold brew tea blend into the pitcher or filters.
  • Soak or pour cold, filtered water over your tea.
  • Let your loose leaf iced tea steep for 6-8 hours or 4 days at the maximum.

If you follow these instructions, you’ll brew yourself a glass of the best loose leaf iced tea you’ve had! When you follow our steps, your tea will be smooth, brewed perfectly, and never cloudy or bitter. Enjoy a delicious cup of refreshing, organic, and delicious loose leaf cold brew tea!

Try a Delicious Loose Leaf Iced Tea Cocktail!

If you love our loose leaf iced tea collection for the summer, then you’ll enjoy our delicious, flavorful cocktails even more! We have a list of Storehouse Tea-Original Loose Leaf Iced Tea Cocktail Recipes that are perfect for a backyard hangout, or a nice evening dinner.