Storehouse Tea & Back to Jerusalem Makes the Perfect Blend

Storehouse Tea & Back to Jerusalem Makes the Perfect Blend

Daniel HershmanJanuary 19, 2023

How Storehouse Tea & BTJ Became Acquainted

Back to Jerusalem (BTJ) and Storehouse Tea together makes the perfect blend. This partnership started about eight years ago because a mutual friend recommended to Dan & Paula Hershman (owners of Storehouse Tea Company) to read the book “Heavenly Man” by Brother Yun. After reading this book, it opened their eyes to the Chinese Underground Church. They were in awe of the faith and sacrifice that Brother Yun and other Pastors made in serving God and their fellow man in the highly repressive, atheistic, Communist China and beyond. 

It was then that a friend of a friend said, “you have a tea company and much of your tea comes from China and the Back to Jerusalem (BTJ) mission is also centered in China so there must be a connection”. Soon after, the driving force behind the international organization that supports the BTJ vision, Eugene Bach, was at our kitchen table in the Cleveland, OH area.

What does “Back to Jerusalem” Mean?

Back to Jerusalem is a movement founded in China in the 1920s. The goal of this movement and the Chinese church is to step up to the call and evangelize the unreached peoples from the Eastern Chinese provinces and beyond towards Jerusalem (aka the 10-40 window). In doing so, many of these Pastors and their families face extreme persecution. BTJ partners with the Chinese churches to evangelize, train, equip, send and assist their mission. 

Eugene Bach explained this to us and the impact of the movement. The Back to Jerusalem movement was making disciples of new Christians at the rate of over 1 million a month in China alone! 

The Beginning of School House Teas 

After seeing this connection between their organization and our tea, this was the day that our new line of teas, “School House Teas”, that supports BTJ’s various humanitarian efforts came into existence.

Why This Line is Titled “School House Teas” 

At the time ISIS was at large, driving out not only Christians from their homes in Northern Iraq in the ancient town of Mosul, but also the Yazidi people. The Yazidis were especially impacted by ISIS and no one helped as they were driven into the mountains with no shelter or means of living a “normal” life. BTJ supplied food, shelter, built a school, and educated children, showing the Christian love for all people. 

School House Teas were initially launched to provide a source of funds as Storehouse Tea Company donated $6.00 for every box of Organic Loose Leaf School House Tea that was sold. It was a success! 

School House Teas Today 

The need has turned to supporting scholarships for the children of persecuted pastors in China and other areas in the 10-40 window. Now, funds raised by the sale of Storehouse Tea/BTJ’s School House Tea line has a new focus and the need continues to grow. Today, $6.00 for every box of teas sold goes towards education scholarships as part of the BTJ Martyrs Scholarship Fund.

Dan & Paula Hershman are Ohio Ambassadors for BTJ. In honor of this ongoing partnership, Storehouse Tea is offering 15% off all Schoolhouse Teas from Friday, January 20th, 2023 to Friday, February 10th, 2023. With a purchase of 3 or more BTJ teas, you get a free BTJ Devotional and a free sample with any order. You can also save and order a BTJ Tea Subscription Plan which gives you delicious teas shipped straight to your door! 

Use Code: BTJ2023

If you’d like to learn more about BTJ, how to become an Ambassador or have any questions about BTJ, School House Teas, or Storehouse Tea’s line of organic, fair trade loose leaf teas, tea sachets, and iced tea pouches for restaurants, coffee/tea shops, cafes, bakeries, hotels, schools, or places of worship, please contact or call/text 440-708-3872 (Dan Hershman). 

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