Meijer's Fairfax Market Features Storehouse Tea!

Daniel HershmanJanuary 11, 2024

Meijer's Fairfax Market is set to open on Jan. 16, offering a 40,000-square-foot supermarket in Cleveland's Fairfax neighborhood. The store will feature over 2,000 products from 150 local vendors, along with national brands.

As you wander through the store, you'll notice several locally sourced items showcased prominently on the end caps including us, Storehouse Tea!

Meijer's Fairfax Market seeks to support local businesses, providing a platform for makers to sell their products. The market includes a cafe, displays local art, and offers a variety of products, including vegan items and international foods.

Stop by!

  • Address: 2190 E 105th St, Cleveland, OH 44106 
  • Hours: 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. 

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