Join Our Subscription Program!

Get all your favorite teas for free with our NEW subscription program. Our tea subscription program is convenient, simple, and allows you to get your favorite tea shipped straight to your door! If you find yourself craving a particular tea each month, then consider choosing the “Subscribe Today!” option on each of our loose leaf and sachet boxes. Choose this option and then below, select the size and quantity that you would like to receive each month.


When Will I Receive My Tea?

This depends on when you place your order. If you purchased your subscription within the first 2 weeks of the month then we will send it in the first week of the month. If you purchased your subscription within the last 2-3 weeks of the month then we will send your order within the last week of the month.

When Will I Receive a Bill?

You will receive your bill monthly from the day you purchased to your email.

What If I Don’t Want a Subscription Anymore?

Canceling your subscription is easy! Simply log into your account and click cancel or email Storehouse Tea at You can cancel at ANY TIME! 

If you have any issues, feel free to Contact Us at any time. 

What If I Want to Subscribe to a Different Tea Instead?

If you want to order a different tea, simply log into your account and cancel your current subscription, and then subscribe to the tea blend of your choice. If you are having difficulties, email Storehouse Tea at, and we can do this manually.

Are There Any Set-Up Fees or Cancellation Fees?

There are no cancellation or set-up fees. We only charge shipping.

Do You Ship Outside of the US?

Unfortunately, we do not ship outside of the USA at this time.

How Much Tea Will You Send Me?

When signing up for our tea subscription, simply choose the size in the drop-down menu. Whatever size and type you choose will be sent to you.

Can I Apply My Discount Code?

At this time, no discounts or coupon codes apply to our subscription purchases.

Can I Send a Subscription as a Gift? 

If you’re looking to send a tea subscription as a gift then our monthly subscription plan is a fantastic option! However, if you are looking for a shorter subscription duration, then visit or Tea of the Month Program. This program allows you to purchase a shorter-term - 6 or 12 month - subscription. The recipient will receive a variety of teas each month.

Want to make it personal? Write your “Happy Birthday”, “Merry Christmas” or any other type of note at check out and we will write a nice, personalized note for your recipient. Please also include the address you would like us to ship the tea.

Will My Tea Go Out of Stock?

Our tea selections do not often change. However, tea selections are based on availability and are subject to change without notice.

Have Additional Questions?

Contact Storehouse Tea! Office Hours are Monday-Friday from 9 AM-5 PM EST. Call us at 216-406-9139 Email us at