Tea Business Making Local, International Impact

Daniel HershmanMarch 06, 2023

View Article: BY KARLYNN WELLS CLEVELAND PUBLISHED 3:00 PM ET MAR. 31, 2020 CLEVELAND, Ohio — In 2007 Paula Hershman embarked on a journey that she says changed her life. The then 40-year-old stay-at-home mom decided to open a business. “I wondered, you know, if Cleveland, you know, has an organic tea...

All tea: Why this brew is good for your health

Daniel HershmanMarch 06, 2023

Article By: New Day Cleveland Article Link: OHIO CITY (WJW) – Storehouse Tea has a story and a purpose. They source, blend and distribute organic, fair-trade loose-leaf teas. “We’re confident that you’ll not only love our teas, but as we experienced, you’ll start to notice that drinking our teas affect you in a...