Storehouse Tea Soap


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USDA Organic

Everyone loves artisan soap for their skin care and these soaps are special because they combine Storehouse Tea and their ingredients into a transformative hygiene experience.

Fragrance Options 

Bright Mint: Hand-Made Green Tea Soap

Invigorating, refreshing, clean, and minty, with rejuvenating Organic gunpowder green tea.

Earl Grey Lavender: Hand-Made Black Tea Soap

A beautifully calming mingling of Italian bergamot citrus, fresh lavender, and Organic black tea.

Indian Masala Chai: Hand-Made Black Tea Soap

Aromatic and exotic Indian Masala chai spices are infused in this invigorating and luxurious medley.

Rose Medley: Hand-made White Tea Soap

A delicately floral, soothing moisturizing blend of Organic white tea, Organic jasmine green tea, roses, and fresh lavender.