Storehouse Tea Sachet Variety Pack, Storehouse Tea Mug & Honey


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USDA Organic

Sachets are a popular option for many tea lovers on the go. Can't decide which flavor to choose from? Try all 13 delicious tea sachet blends with our Tea Sachet Sampler Pack. This set combines our Tea Sachet Sampler Pack with a beautifully etched, clear, glass mug and small honey gift. It's everything you want in a gift package without the guessing!

13 Teas Included In Our Tea Sachet Sampler Pack

  1. Ginger Lime Rooibos Sachets
  2. Masala Chai Black Tea Sachets
  3. Apricot Oolong Tea Sachet
  4. Lemon Tulsi Botanical Blend Sachets
  5. Chamomile Botanical Blend Sachets
  6. Citron Jasmine Green Tea Sachets
  7. Blueberry Hibiscus White Tea Sachets
  8. Bright Mint Green Tea Sachets
  9. Earl Grey Black Tea Sachets
  10. Pomegranate Green Tea Sachets
  11. Breakfast Black Tea Sachets
  12. Raspberry Rooibos Sachets
  13. Sencha Green Tea Sachets

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