Premium Matcha Bowl Set


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USDA Organic

This kit contains:

1 - Matcha Whisk

1 - Standard Size Box of Matcha, Premium Ceremonial Organic Green Tea

1 - Matcha Bowl

A Chasen or bamboo whisk is perfect for whisking your bowl of matcha. 80 tines closely spaced together break up clumps of matcha powder thoroughly to create a frothy layer of foam on top of the tea.

Our Matcha, Premium Ceremonial Organic Green Tea is a finely powdered green matcha tea leaves, grade 1 are taken from the season’s spring crop, which produces a higher quality matcha. Our Premium Matcha provides a rich, smooth complex taste and a boost of energy. Our higher grade matcha, when traditionally prepared, creates a delicious frothy foam with a deep green liquor.

Matcha Bowl: You’ll love the feel of this bowl in your hands, it’s just the right size for the correct whisking technique using the bamboo chasen. Ideal for sipping your Premium bowl of exquisite matcha in this beautiful work of art.