Pictured are some of our current and dedicated TEAm members that work the business every week. From Left to right Jill O'Donnell, Office Manager, Bookkeeper (and Paula's sister), Alice from Rwanda,  Blender and Tea Production Manager, founder and President Paula Hershman and  her husband Dan, Sales and Marketing.  Emima (from Rwanda, Alice's sister) tea production… More TEAm members that are in training that are not pictured.

Paula Hershman began this company in 2007 as she was transitioning from her graphic design business she discovered the joys and health benefits of fresh, great tasting organic loose leaf tea, she decided to start her own certified organic and Fair Trade tea business called Storehouse Tea.  Her artistic background helped her to create organic teas that were as beautiful to look as they smelled and tasted and to create the company and packaging branding. Now Storehouse Teas are in world renowned restaurants, café’s and coffee/tea houses, local/regional and national healthy grocery stores and throughout North America through this web site.

For Paula, Storehouse Tea is as much a mission as an international business, she always wanted to hire and mentor women in need.  She reached out to the burgeoning refugee community in Cleveland and was introduced to Alice and Emima, who have become an integral part of the Storehouse Tea TEAm. Alice and Emima are from Rwanda and lived in a refugee camp for ten years during Rwanda’s civil war. They came to Cleveland in 2012 and are amazing young women that have blessed us with their many talents. As we grow we look to expand our involvement with Refugee causes and recently held a successful fundraiser called Fiesta De Te, that raised money for uniforms for the Thomas Jefferson Newcomers School in Cleveland where Alice and Emima graduated high school.

We are always looking to find exceptional people when we’re expanding our TEAm, so if you’re interested in joining us on a part-time basis to help produce, market, demo, distribute, ship and sell the best tasting and freshest organic tea anywhere, please email us your resume at info@storehousetea.com and let us know how you think you can contribute to our TEAm.