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BTJ Martyrs Scholarship Fund

We have partnered with Back to Jerusalem to select some fair trade and all organic teas from our repertoire. When purchasing these BTJ Schoolhouse Teas $5 per box of tea will go to helping Back to Jerusalem with their work in the field. Right now BTJ is focused on the education for the children of persecuted Pastors in the Chinese Underground Church. Additionally, we offer a free BTJ devotional with any order of three or more BTJ teas, also we are introducing a new BTJ Tea subscription program!


We hope you enjoy this tea and will take the opportunity to share the mission with your friends:

Due to severe persecution and restrictions on Chinese Christians in recent years, many Christian families are finding it difficult to give their children a proper education. Believers are being hit with huge fines they will never be able to pay. Sale of homes are being blocked, travel has been restricted, jobs are revoked, and thousands are being arrested.

To help in this time of need, BTJ has launched the Martyrs Scholarship Fund to help children who are directly affected by parents facing restrictions. Help us invest in the lives that can change the mission field of the future:

Interested in a monthly delivery of loose leaf BTJ Schoolhouse teas? You can support BTJ ‘s Martyr Scholarship fund with every delicious sip, it’s a great way for your household or business to support a great cause. Help us carry out our mission and goals of supporting those pastors and their families on the front lines of the Chinese underground church.

You can choose between a two box a month plan for 3 or 6 months, prices listed include shipping.

The 3-month plan is two boxes of School House teas shipped to you for three consecutive months for $84 and includes a BTJ devotional.

The 6-month plan is one box of School House Tea and one Storehouse Tea top seller shipped to you for six consecutive months for $165 and includes one BTJ devotional. Storehouse tea will donate 5 Dollars per box of tea sold through this subscription plan.

To purchase BTJ Schoolhouse Teas click the link below!

Feel good about the purchase? I hope so! Spread the love with #BTJSchoolHouseTeas and #storehousetea. Help others feel good too by encouraging them to buy Schoolhouse teas as you wish or on a subscription basis from this website and see how together your purchases can positively impact the lives of Chinese Pastors and their families in this time of great need and opportunity.

We hope you enjoy this tea and will take the opportunity to share the mission with your friends!

You can also check out the BTJ website here: