Peach Spring Hand Crafted Matcha Bowl


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USDA Organic

Our hand-made Matcha Bowls are perfect for crafting a delicious cup of Matcha. Designed specially for Storehouse Tea, our bowls allow all our users to enjoy the relaxing skill of making Matcha. Each Matcha Bowl is uniquely hand-made.

Behind the Bowls

 Pebbleworks Pottery, Rosemary Norris, Artist

"My aspiration is to carve beauty and meaning into everyday life. 

I find that clay has a curious and unique ability to fuse the poetic and the ordinary. The process of making pottery is both gentle and violent; it is full of cutting, crushing, burning, and melting, along with the soft motion and rhythm of the wheel and the homey feel of a bowl in your hands. To me, pottery represents life, growth, hardship, and abundance, and when I discovered these properties of clay back in 2015, I was enamored.

This is why the vast majority of my art is functional: I hope that it will become a small part of your life, and remind you of the more human aspects that we all tend to lose in the stress and hurry. 

I am sure that 2020 will go down in history as an infamous year. But oddly enough, it has opened a chapter of intense personal growth and opportunity for me. I started Pebbleworks in June of this year, and I am so thankful to be able to work as a professional potter. It has taken a somewhat mountainous bit of work to figure out my materials and streamline my process, and I would not have been able to launch this business without the encouragement and support of my husband and friend, Luke Whitcomb.

I hope that my work will serve as a backdrop for many cups of tea, delicious meals, and good conversations."


   - Rosemary